Spring Celebrations at Honey Lake Plantation

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Spring Celebrations at Honey Lake Plantation

At Honey Lake Plantation, spring is one of our favorite times of year.  Everything comes alive, and there is a bursting of flora and fauna.  The spring is a time when we all rejoice, and if you like the outdoors it’s likely to be one of your favorite seasons, too.

If you’re still in school, then spring means classes end for the year.  So do sports, and before you know it, pre-exam all-nighters are a distant memory.  Graduation is a celebratory time of year, and it is one where families come together to recognize the hard work that has gone into the previous nine months.

A lot of families come to Honey Lake Plantation in June to congratulate their students.  They come to our resort because it’s a way for all to reconnect after a busy year of school, sports, and extra-curricular activities.  Some of our guests like to unwind with a day at the spa.  They enjoy a wide variety of massage therapies and body treatments.  Others like to ride bikes or horses throughout our magnificent plantation and enjoy the relaxed pace.  Under these conditions, everyone unwinds in our peaceful resort, and they  find comfort in our deluxe accommodations and from farm-to-table cuisine.  Spring is also peak fishing along the coast, and if seafood is one of your favorites you’ll find day-boat fish and shellfish arriving daily from nearby Apalachee Bay.



Of course June also has another reason to celebrate: Father’s Day.  What better way to combine graduations with Father’s Day than with some trophy bass and bream fishing, some clay target shooting, and perhaps some 3D archery?  Honey Lake Plantation’s owner and founder Bob Williamson spends as much free time as possible with his Honey Lake Plantation COO son Jon and plantation business partner Michael fishing, shooting, and hunting.

“The outdoor sports have always been an important part of my life,” said Williamson.  “I have always spent a lot of time fishing and hunting with my sons, and passing down the sporting traditions is really important to me.  We love when families pay us a visit, and we particularly look forward to Father’s Days when we see multi-generations enjoying time together.  I’m a grandfather several times over, and my life is going to take a new turn as I can introduce a new generation of sportsmen and women to the sporting life at Honey Lake Plantation.  I can hardly wait.

“I’ve seen many folks come to Honey Lake with a keen interest in fishing and shooting, but for whatever reason they simply haven’t had the opportunity in their lives to do so.  Maybe their parents or grandparents weren’t sportsmen or maybe other activities took precedence.  We have very patient instructors in each of our sporting pursuits as well as all of the necessary equipment.  It’s always a special day when a parent and child learn a new sport together.  That experience creates a bond and a memory that will live with them for a time long after they’ve left Honey Lake.  It’s a wonderful part of our plantation life.”



Enjoy The Gift of Giving

If you’re looking for a unique graduation or Father’s Day Gift you might consider a membership to the newly formed Honey Lake Plantation.  Four different types of one-year memberships enable kids, individuals, families and corporations the opportunity to visit Honey Lake Plantation on a regular basis.  The wide offering of activities includes clay target shooting, rifle shooting, pistol shooting, archery on the newly installed 3-D course, fishing, as well as a variety of other benefits and discounts.  “We formed the Sportsman’s Club with the local residents in mind,” said COO Jon Williamson.  “Many of them are members in other clubs and enjoy the additional diversity that we offer at Honey Lake Plantation.  We’ve tastefully spread our activities across our 4865 acre Greenville property and folks can spend more time fishing or shooting than waiting in line.”


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Spring Celebrations at Honey Lake Plantation Spring Celebrations at Honey Lake Plantation

At Honey Lake Plantation, spring is one of our favorite times of year.  Everything comes alive, and there is a