Miami Photographer Exploring Florida’s Outdoors

One would expect a photographer born and live in Miami to have a studio and gallery filled with colorful photos of the Cuban culture in Florida—not so with John Bob Carlos, a Miami born to second generation Cuban parents.

John Bob Carlos came to fall in love with Florida’s unique nature and wildlife and is now making efforts to carry his tripod and camera into Florida’s Everglades National Park and other unspoiled locations, in the hope to share Natural Florida with the world.


“Capturing images of Florida wildlife, landscapes, and waterways has been my obsession for some time, and my way of creating a voice for Florida’s nature. I often take extreme measures that test my body, mind, and soul to capture the beauty unfolding before my eyes. It is an attempt to see and document the wonders of this great land.”


You can join John on his next nature and wildlife photo hunting adventure to capture your very own Natural Florida memories or purchase photos from his collection. Visit to learn more.