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Miami Culinary Tours

Meet the Tour Guide | Grace Della

Hello, my name is Grace Della. A little bit about me; The idea of offering culinary tours came to me almost 10 years ago when I first mentioned it to my mother. My mom loves to cook, loves food and learning about different cultures just as much as I do.


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A melting pot of cultures, South Florida’s offerings run the gamut from five-star gourmet to hole-in-the-wall delicious — a scene that’s as varied as the communities that make up the area. But where do you go? That’s where we come in.

We organize outings that not only showcase a particular type of cuisine, but also the culture and history behind it, giving tour participants the full story. Our food tours in Miami (which are divided into categories depending on cuisine and neighborhoods) offer foodies (both residents and visitors to the area) a chance to sample delicious and authentic dishes.

Miami Culinary Tours was founded by renowned Miami Food Critic, Grace Della, who developed her love for food and culture from her mother who has been conducting culinary tours for the last 10 years. She came up with the idea for her first food tour in Miami called the Cuban-inspired food tour, back before anyone had even heard about food tours in Miami.

A small local company forged with a team of knowledgeable and passionate foodies guiding visitors and locals alike through a unique epicurean adventure while discovering the celebrated world-known Art Deco District and the picturesque neighborhood of Little Havana.

“With so many flavors colliding into one city, it’s no wonder Miami is one of the most exciting culinary destinations – And we’re ready to share it with both adventurous and selective eaters everywhere. We carefully crafted two Miami food tours so you can not only sample the most savory dishes but learn about the culture behind the food.” says Grace Della

Miami Culinary Tours has been Nationally and Internationally recognized as a “Fieldtrip for Foodies” with a “Great mix of food and Art Deco” and is rated as the “Best tour in South Beach” by travelers on major online travel portals.

Frommer’s Writer Amy Sherman adds“ You get to meet some locals and learn about Miami, its people, culture, architecture, and history. Best of all, you get to try lots of delicious things — all of which are handpicked by a local insider. “And Delish named Miami Culinary  as one of the “Fantastic Food tours in the US”

Savor the diverse cultural community of Miami through hand-picked eateries and indulge in a culinary adventure through the kitchens of celebrity chefs, Cuban exiles, generational bakeries, cultured European immigrants and ethnic eateries at South American taverns at the South Beach Food Tour or the Little Havana Food Tour.

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Miami Culinary Tours: 1000 5th Street, Suite 200 Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Miami Culinary Tours Miami Culinary Tours

A melting pot of cultures, South Florida’s offerings run the gamut from five-star gourmet to hole-in-the-wall delicious — a scene