Summer fishing fun at Honey Lake Plantation

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Summer fishing fun at Honey Lake Plantation

Be sure you’re sitting in a comfortable chair before you ask a fisherman what he thinks of his favorite sport.  The odds are high that he’ll go on and on for a very long time.  He’ll talk about his favorite catches, his biggest catches, his first catches, and all of the trips he’s been on in his life.  And you’re sure to hear a lot about the ones that got away.

If he’s had the opportunity to fish at Greenville, Florida’s Honey Lake Plantation you’re likely to hear about that experience, too.  He’ll talk about his guided trip on the plantation’s namesake Honey Lake.  You’ll hear about how the shallow draft Carolina Skiff could get into 5 inches of water, how stable it was when he moved from the port to the starboard side, and how fast he could move from spot to spot.  Some of the biggest largemouth bass are in that lake, a good many of which are over 10 pounds.  What that means is that you’ll hear about how he hooked one, worked it around the weeds and the deadfall and masterfully brought it to the net.

You’ll be sure to hear about the other lakes that are chock-a-block with the hard-fighting hybrid Tiger bass.  The Tiger bass are a blend of Florida and Northern largemouth bass that more than live up to their name.  They grow big, they hit hard, and they’re constantly looking to pick a fight.  No one messes with the Tiger bass, but if your fisherman has tangled with a few he’ll tell you all about ‘em.  Tiger bass are on every bass fisherman’s bucket list and there is a good reason why.

If he’s brought his family to the plantation you’ll hear about how his kids found a new sport that they love.  Chances are they walked around the smaller lakes and caught bream that are nearly the size of a dinner plate.  Or they may have paddled a kayak into quiet areas where they hooked bass and bream.  When the bite is on, and at Honey Lake Plantation it usually always is, they’ll have caught fish after fish.  Chuck Wechsler, the long-time editor of Sporting Classics magazine has fished his way around the world, and he caught 44 big bream in 45 casts.  And that’s no fish tale.  The outstanding fishing is just one of the many reasons that Honey Lake Plantation recently earned the Sporting Classics magazine’s coveted lodge-of-the-year award.


The fisherman will talk about how patient the guides were and how helpful they were to new anglers.  He’ll talk about how easy it was to work a 7-foot, medium-action bait casting outfit along the structure.  He may talk about learning to fly fish for the first time and how a bream caught on a fly feels like a freight train.  And he’ll talk about lying in bed at night thinking about the trophy fish that broke him off and how he can’t wait to go back and settle the score.

Fishermen tend to log long hours.  They like to squeeze in every cast and then to squeeze in just one more.  Not every angler has that kind of intensity, and if their level of interest is a little bit less there are other things to do at Honey Lake Plantation.  Like shoot sporting clays.  Ride Tennessee Walking horses.  Take a nature walk around the plantation.  Work out.  Go for a bike ride.  Visit the spa.  Swim in the pool.  Enjoy delicious meals prepared by the plantation’s executive chef.  Unwind in the Howling Dog Saloon.  Watch the sun set on one of the picture-perfect verandas.

Fishing at Honey Lake Plantation is what dreams are made of, and by the time he is done telling his fishing stories you’re likely to want to go fishing yourself.  Just wait and see, or better yet, come on down.  The water is just fine.


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