The Suite Life of Honey Lake Plantation Sporting Resort and Spa

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The Suite Life of Honey Lake Plantation Sporting Resort and Spa

From outstanding sporting pursuits to deluxe accommodations, outdoorsmen and women enjoy the best of both worlds.

Since the late 1800’s, the Red Hills region that encompasses the Thomasville-Monticello-Tallahassee area of South Georgia and North Florida has been known as the Quail Capital of the South.  For three winter months, sportsmen and women traded northern reaches for fashionable bird-shoots, epicurean mid-day respites, and elegant evening soirees.  At the height of its popularity nearly 100 plantations formed a sporting circuit within the 515-square mile Red Hills area.  For the first time in a century, Greenville’s Honey Lake Plantation Resort and Spa has opened its doors to the public and to its upscale sporting pursuits.

The Honey Lake Plantation legacy actually began at a neighboring property, Pebble Hill.  In the late 1890’s, Robert and Kate Ireland from Park Avenue, New York expanded Pebble Hill’s antebellum Main House into a Grand Dame of properties.  The Irelands had two children, a son Robert who co-owned nearby Ring Oak Plantation and Forshala Plantation and Elizabeth “Pansy” Ireland Poe.  It was Miss Pansy who founded Honey Lake Plantation by building a day house set amidst stands of southern pines along the shores of Honey Lake.  Miss Pansy entertained her guests with the outstanding hunting and fishing opportunities at Honey Lake Plantation.  The recently remodeled three-bedroom guest cottage offers breathtaking views of the namesake lake, and was one of the original building’s which was used as a stopping point for hunters, fishermen and equestrians.

Honey Lake Plantation is still a family affair, with Bob and Theresa Williamson and their son Jon overseeing every facet of their magnificent property.  The Williamsons cater to companies hosting corporate retreats and board meetings, political events and Red Hatters, weddings and family reunions on the bucolic plantation grounds.  And as a family of avid sportsmen, the Williamson’s provide a wide variety of seasonal outdoor activities that appeal to discerning sportsmen.  A 3-year, $40 million renovation was completed in 2012 and ensures that Honey Lake Plantation will continue to be enjoyed for decades to come.

The Williamson’s have done a masterful job preserving the plantation.  It is truly a sportsman’s Valhalla.  The nearly 4900-acre plantation is tastefully arranged according to a wide variety of sporting pursuits.  Traditional quail hunts feature a custom-designed Bird Buggy that transports hunters and bird dogs throughout five distinct courses.  Hunters sit in leather captain’s chairs and their firearms are stored in covered, velvet-lined gun racks while the award-winning English pointers and English setters work the fields under the supervision of experienced and patient guides.  For hunters who prefer a view from horseback, the plantation has a string of smooth-gated Tennessee Walking horses.

Other seasonal activities include waterfowling for a wide variety of puddle and diver ducks, dove, and whitetail deer hunts.  Honey Lake Plantation is also home to a tremendous flock of Eastern wild turkey.  All hunts can be combined with fishing for trophy bass and bream on the five lakes on the property.  Clay target enthusiasts enjoy a round of Skeet, Trap or Five Stand, and a 100-target Sporting Clays course is currently under construction.

Throughout history, hunting and fishing trips were synonymous with roughing it.  Honey Lake Plantation represents a new trend where sportsmen can enjoy the highest-quality of outdoor experiences along with comfortable guest suites with private baths, high-cotton count linens, down pillow tops, and stunning views.  Gourmet meals are prepared daily by the plantation’s executive chef, with a tremendous amount of vegetables, produce, eggs, and herbs being grown or harvested from the plantation’s Victory Garden.

Honey Lake Plantation offers full spa treatments which range from a wide-variety of massage therapies, body treatments, a state-of-the-art exercise room, pool, and whirlpool. Honey Lake Plantation is where tradition meets elegant.  And after one visit, guests find a reason to come back.

Passion For The Arts And The Environment

During the mid-1900’s, the original owner Miss Pansy hosted notable artists A. Lassell Ripley, Ogden Pleissner, and Richard E. Bishop for a series of trips. After Miss Pansy saw J. Clinton Shepherd’s Everglades’s mural at the U.S. Sugar Company   she commissioned the Palm Beach artist to cover the walls of the Great Room and the Indian Room with murals representing the wildlife and the Native American life found in the surrounding habitats. One outstanding mural is on display in the Honey Lake Plantation Resort and Spa Gathering Hall.


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The Suite Life of Honey Lake Plantation Sporting Resort and Spa The Suite Life of Honey Lake Plantation Sporting Resort and Spa

From outstanding sporting pursuits to deluxe accommodations, outdoorsmen and women enjoy the best of both worlds. Since the late 1800’s,